My habitat, becoming Unf*%^#*$


So in theory I'm doing Apartment Therapy's January Cure, but I'm totally failing. I'm doing something closer to Unf*#@ Your Habitat — which has quickly become my favorite ever Tumblr blog — with an emphasis on purging, organizing, and enjoying all of my favorite things. I'm a big Black Apple fan, her prints adorn most of my tiny abode. I'm waiting for the one above to arrive, and I'm rearranging some stuff in my habitat to go with. I love the coral lamps I bought a few years ago, and the cat-shaped bottle my Black Cat Wine came in was worth it for the bottle alone. It stays filled with dried Billy Balls, which not only dry fantastically but look fab against my living room's color palette, Ballet Slipper Pink by Martha Stewart and a neutral tan-ish color called Tea Stained. One of my favorite parts of adulthood is having a pink living room. <3