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Frustrating places to be on the great
Venn diagram of design headaches

They're actually REALLY common. I can help you avoid them.

I float between several worlds well, and enjoy doing so! Don't get me wrong — I'm not an expert at everything, but I do offer a broad range of services I feel very secure in. And in order to get the most solid work done, I think one has to familiar with the elements it takes to create thoughtful, engaging products, brands or services that people enjoy. An understanding of how technology, design and content work together and why they need each other are key in the creative process, and important to understanding what sells or what doesn't. Or why your profit margins aren't where you want them. I use the 3 in tandem while designing to help ensure what I'm doing is boosting sales, profit and productivity. Let's take a look:


Where it's NOT...this rarely works.

If you never have to struggle with this, my job is done. Thank me later. :^)




This combination is especially seductive. The latest bell and whistle is exciting, especially when it LOOKS great, too. But without strong content there rarely lacks purpose, and you may find yourself with a product that's like the answer to a question nobody asked.


This combination creates things people LOVE to read and use. If it can be produced, and if they can find it. Truly compelling and engaging products that would fly off shelves are created in this space — but in a  growingly digital world, people can't buy these things if they can't find them, or find you, or if buying or ordering them is hard and confusing.


Truly frustrating. A business owner will sometimes have a fully functional Wordpress site and they've got all the right plug-ins and actually love creating content — so why isn't it working? Why is nobody using the opt-ins? Isn't Wordpress all the rage? There's obviously exceptions to this rule, but people commonly decide how trustworthy your brand seems within seconds. Take a really good look — do you truly look credible? Would you trust your website with your credit card information?

4. Where magic lives, if such a thing truly exists.

Design + Technology + Content is the recipe for creating viable, professional, profitable products and services. Great design, compelling content, and easy ways to find your business online leaves room for unlimited potential. Leaving out one of these key elements is the difference in turning a product someone grimaces at with confusion into a product that people are actually excited to hear about and ready to buy.



Unfortunately, technology is not magic. Things like creative software, CMS, programming and devices are tools that help us build from ideas. 


Design isn't just about making things "pretty," it's about creating a connection with your audience and crafting a user experience that  they want to buy.


Now, content IS king...but selling that content is hard to do in a vacuum. It needs to be visually engaging, and easy to buy or find. Content can also be many things: writing, visuals, information, etc. Ideas play a very key role in content creation. What you're writing or creating has to be original, compelling, and engaging.