Most designers wear a lot of hats. I'm Delia, and I wear an absurdly large collection. With a broad range of creative and strategic experience working with some of the largest brands in the world, I can do some pretty amazing things for your business. You might see it a whole new way. Let's get started.

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So why Delia?

Well, maybe you're an entreprenuer not quite sure how to get your brand started. Or maybe you're a business owner ready to get to the next level. Maybe you’re an agency who just needs an extra hand. These are all things I gladly can help you with. Do you need self-promotional materials for your business, but you're not even sure where to start? I don't blame you — it's a of work and there's so many options! It's hard to keep up with things like designing your logo, business cards, web sites, mailers, web ads, social media content, newsletters — I could go on and on! But it's hard to try and do these things yourself while you're busy running your business.

In any event, I've got you covered. 

I float between several worlds well, and enjoy doing so! Don't get me wrong — I'm not an expert at everything, but I do offer a broad range of services I feel very secure in. And in order to get the most solid work done, I think one has to familiar with the elements it takes to create thoughtful, engaging products, brands or services that people enjoy. Take this for example:

The Trinity of Creativity

An understanding of this is key to understanding what sells, or, more useful
maybe — what doesn't sell. Or why your profit margins aren't where you want them. 



Unfortunately, technology is not magic. Things like creative software, CMS, programming and devices are tools that help us build from ideas. 


Design isn't just about making things "pretty," it's about creating a connection with your audience and crafting a user experience that  they want to buy.


Now, content IS king...but selling that content is hard to do in a vacuum. It needs to be visually engaging, and easy to buy or find.

Now each on its own skklka, built on ideas, What's happening here? Let's take a look below.


 Besides the obvious in that software and technology is used to create everything, there's another angle business owners rarely think about: workflow, and it's direct correlation to profit. I've overhauled workflows that allowed the business so much extra time to actually invest back into making their product stronger, and they were winning national awards and breaking profit records within 9 months. Working smarter translates directly into a better product and better profits. I can help you with this.


This creates things people LOVE to read. If it can be produced, and if they can find it. Truly compelling and engaging products that would fly off shelves are created in this space — but in a  growingly digital world, people can't buy these things if they can't find them, or find you, or if buying or ordering them is hard and confusing.


This is the combination that frustrates business owners the most it seems. They've maybe built a fully functional Wordpress site or hired someone to, and they're using it, updating it, they've got all the right plug-ins and actually love writing or photography or art, so why isn't it working? Why is nobody using the opt-ins? Isn't Wordpress all the rage?

Well, yes and no. There's obviously exceptions to this rule, but these two parts without good design can be fruitless. People decide how they perceive your brand within seconds. Take a really good look — does it truly look credible? Would you personally trust your credit card information with this site? Unfortunately, sometimes when you DIY, it shows. (Although, if you truly have a vision and WANT to DIY I can help you with that too — I offer private training packages.)

And Finally...

4. Where magic lives, if such a thing truly exists. All 3. At once.

This is the recipe for creating viable, professional, profitable products and services. Great design, compelling content, and easy ways to find your business online leaves room for unlimited potential. Leaving out one of these key elements is the difference in turning a product someone grimaces at with confusion into a product that people are actually excited to hear about and ready to buy.

Consider this case study: The rebrand on this product created that exact reaction amongst people in the demographic. The client invested serious money this product, but she left out the component of design, which was costing her thousands of dollars of loss each quarter.


I have 10+ years of intense on the job training

 I've been fortunate enough to work in media, and in advertising I got to know the inner workings, strategies and what works for some of the largest brands in the world.  And now, I can bring that service to YOU. When you join my client list, you are in VERY good company.

I believe in style

A person's mind is made up about your product and its value within seconds. Often people think attention to aesthetics doesn't matter for their brand or service, because they don't have any real competition. You do. Or, you're missing out on an untapped market because they think you don't look credible.

One contact, one wildly cohesive product

You could, in theory, instead hire a brand coach, but then you'd also need a graphic designer, a copywriter, and several other experts and the miscommunication game of telephone begins. The shortest line between you and results is with the right designer.