Hey guys — better info coming soon, but I'm beta-testing a new product and I'm going to be making a mess out of this place for a bit redesigning to get my shop set up. So bear with me!

I'mi launching a private teaching/mentoring service in Beta mode, where I'll be offering a generous discount to testers, but in the meanwhile if you're interested in beta testing with me this is the general concept:

This is NOT an e-course. This is private, one-on-one tutoring or help on the very BROAD range of services I provide and am well-versed in. I'm an industry pro with about 11 years experience in media, advertising, corporate communication, compliance — and I do this  VERY quickly, on budget, with actual STYLE and can show you how. 

Gotomeeting.com is my meeting place of choice, but I'm also test driving another solution for more failproof recordings so you can revisit our sessions together. We meet up there and you watch my screen while I work and we talk through it. Afterward you're given the manipulated files we've used if such applies so you have them to "play with."

I've realized one hour chunks are just not how creative rolls sometimes. If you get in a groove, by all MEANS keep on goin' till it stops.

What you do is instead is buy either 1, 5, or 10 hours of my time, and you use that as you see fit. If we get in a creative jam session and don't want to stop, maybe that day we use 2 hours. I just tick that off your "balance of hours" and remind you in writing about how many you have left. If you schedule another hour with me but then feel you're ready to really go out and "play," then I tick that off your balance and you come back for those last two hours when ever you want, broken up however you want them to be.

You're paying for the hours and telling me about subject matter you're interested in or task you need help with, and I'm keeping track of how many hours you have left. Until my shop is set up we'll be doing manual invoices, but I take all major credit cards and Paypal.)


for connie 10 hours was 52.55/hr

85-hour at 10 hour package

put $183 into her next package

72.50 for 20 hour package


3.5 hours at 72.50

Thank you Delia! Trina M. Bailey, trinamcrey@aol.com 972-768-5667. I'll pay the full amount at once.

My consumer rate packages are going to look something like this:

1 hour for $120

5 hours for $450-2 payments?

10 hours: $850-2-payments

20 hours: $1470-3 payments

Mostly if you've got a single task you need help fixing/changing or implementing on your site.

5 hours for $450 - 292.50 w/35% off - i make 58.5/hr

This could give you solid time to really absorb a concept or software.

10 hours: $850 - $552.50 with 35% off - i make 55.25 hr


Payment plans for Elizabeth - can do 3 for 5 hours, or 4 for ten hours.



This gives you REAL time to absorb software, learn tricks, play with it in between, etc. before you come back for final finessing on your completed project.

put $183 into her next package

i mke $52.55 with connie at 10 hrs.


i make $51/at 20 hours

-549.5 (35%off)

-$183 (carried over at this new rate)

20 hours: $1570


what about

20 hours: $1470 ($955.5 with discount)

-514.5 (35%)

I make 47.75 an hour with connie


her cost 955.5


she has $167 balance hours transferring over


With this time, you could probably go pro in something, depending on what you chose to study. This makes a REAL dent if your intention is to become a graphic design professional. Talk to me if that's your intention going in and I'll help you set up a custom plan for your goal.

For beta testers I am offering a 25% discount (because, uh, the one thing I don't *quite* have down is the delivery tool I'll be using in conjunction with you). Hit me up if your interested, and i'm offering payment plans for the 510  and 20 hour packages.

I learn and can teach:


  • Adobe InDesign (for eBooks, brochures, posters, calendars, and logos, which few people think of for that. It also does rudimentary app design but I probably won't offer this until I have a better hold on it. But knowing the software might give YOU a better hold on it and a better understanding of how to use the online tutorials. 
  • Adobe Photoshop  I've spent years manipulating photos for a living. I'll teach you the tricks.
  • Adobe Illustrator Great for a lot of things and I'm well-versed in it, but truthfully I think InDesign at this very moment might be a better value. Still, as an illustrator myself I can help you with this.
  • Squarespace set up This is so much easier than people think it is. While I wouldn't assume an hour would cover it, 5 hours should be enough to get you up and going.
  • Squarspace CSS SO MUCH MORE FUN than it sounds. Again, I'd schedule 5 hours.
  • Squarespace implementation of stuff that seems undoable - other customization. Whatever you can think of. Run it by me and I'll see what I can do. I've made JQuery plugins fly, Javascript is no big deal, etc., it just take some hacking. 
  • Custom fonts Installation, execution, etc.


  • Typography — like I say, "If you have type, you have art." How to think about letters as shapes and use them as art. VERY helpful if you're trying to learn how to create more interesting logs.
  • Illustration technique While I can't teach you to classically draw, I can help you learn some techniques that bring that handmade look back into your work, using actual handmade materials.
  • Color theory help While you might not think you need this, step back and take an objective look. Really SEE. I can help you with this. No problem.

AND, you can combine any of these features in any of your sessions.

There IS no course or tutorial. We're doing this in real time. There is no order you have to follow. You just buy my time, fill out some info for me, we get in touch, and we just go.

Again, I'm VERY FAST.

If you've been watching YouTube tutorials and such for months and are just taking you too long to get to where you want to be, chances are we can knock this out in a matter of hours.

Details about my student/recent grad foot-in-the-door program (Get hired already!) coming soon. :^)

So, please do excuse the mess coming up! And if you're interested, fill out this form and i'll get back to you within 48. Usually the same day though.

All prics include:

Our project source files

A recording of our session on our personal Vimeo channel within 48 hours so you can reference it whenever you need to.

If time runs out you're free to either purchase another package, OR you can choose to pay hourly at a rate of $90/hr. Your invoice will be sent via email when our session is over.

Quick fix

$129 /1 hour

Need a quick fix on your website or print design? Or just have a task you'd like to know how to do right the first time around? 1 hour is great for this.

Price includes:


$420 /5 hours

Know Photoshop, but not specifically how to do what you want with it? Or want to learn some design principles you don't feel terribly strong in? Or maybe how to handle client relationships, invoicing and the art of presentation? This is a great piece of time to learn that.


$850 /10 hours

First wonderful feature

Another phenomenal feature

Probably the third feature

Penultimate perhaps

Let's make this the final one


$1470 /20 hours

Include email and Skype questions Can't get online? Ask me a question and I'll make a video answering it to view at your convenience Need some creative help to kickstart a project? I'm happy to use a portion of your hours to brainstorm and start ideas so we can enter our session ready to go.