So, by now you've seen my methods, hopefully read about my process and philosophy — and maybe you're wondering how I've turned around and redeveloped brands for events so quickly! The truth is — it isn't rocket science. I'm self-taught, and I can teach you too! In private sessions, one-on-one, on your time, wherever you are in the world. Consider me your new personal design mentor!

There are PLENTY of free resources for learning creative tools and design, but I break it down into simple concepts and the best part? Our time together is custom-tailored to EXACTLY what you want to learn! No more hunting for a YouTube tutorial that *sort of* does what you want, just let me know what you'd like to know within my skills set 48  hours before booking your appointment with me, and we're set!

Programs by delia

Let's get this brand going!

You're a crazy busy entreprenuer, but you know that having a brand that feels like you and that you love is essential to your business. I can help! Know the freedom it is to whip up a poster or brochure or web graphic on the fly, create images for your blog and Pinterest and other social media posts, and feel great about it all! I'll be with you every step of the way, helping you learn the tools, the concepts and helping your brand look like a million bucks!

Design for career-changers!

Always had a penchant for all things creative, but thought a career in the creative industry was unattainable because you don't have an expensive art degree? Well, here's a secret for you: most of us don't! We're self-taught, and I go a step further than academia does and not only only show you concepts of good design and branding and tools of the trade, but also the business and promotion/marketing end of getting yourself out there in front of clients as a professional freelance or graphic designer. Yay!