Fun with stock art, Part 1

So, for whatever reasons I searched for vector art related to responsive web design the other day, and I was NOT prepared for the search results.

Gaaaahhhhh. So MUCH CUTE. 

OF COURSE this guy needs all those arms for all his widdle devices. ❤

His little hat is pretty close to killing me. In the best of ways. ☺

Score this guy at  Shutterstock .

Score this guy at Shutterstock.

And apparently the family that's mobile responsive together, stays together. I bet the smaller devices are KIDS. Eh? I know. <3 I'm going to be so disappointed when the family's true story is ripped from the headlines and turned into and episode of SVU. 

Snag 'em while they're still wholesome at  Shutterstock .

Snag 'em while they're still wholesome at Shutterstock.