There's a lot of designers out there. And a Google search will pull up thousands of brand coaches and experts, too. But, there's a few things that set me apart. The biggest?


I know exactly how to make your small-ish deal look, feel and become a pretty big one. Here's why:


I have years of real-world, intense on the job training

My experience in media and advertising was a powerhouse training ground for learning the insights of world-class brands. And now as an independent entity, I can now offer you the same level of quality, attention and expertise that I gave clients like JetBlue, Nordstrom, Michaels, PepsiCo., Cisco...the list goes on and on. 

I can make your product or service absolutely appealing to your target audience.

And maybe even an audience you don't have yet.

I believe in style. A person's mind is made up about your product within seconds of seeing it. Think about how important that first impression is. Often people think attention to aesthetics and usability doesn't matter for their brand or service, because it's something everyone needs, or they don't have real competition.

Odd are though, you've got more competition than you think. And there may be a slew of untapped markets ready for your product that aren't paying attention to it right now — but they can, and they will. Aren't you ready to start selling to them too now?

I deliver cohesive, smart, engaging, useful work that also happens to be beautiful. I'm able to do this because I have training in design and art direction, but also have experience writing and creating content AND I also do my own design and front-end development for your beautiful and engaging mobile-responsive web site.

So when you hire me, you're getting top-notch large agency-style service without the additional expenses of multiple different experts. You could, in theory, instead hire a brand coach, but then you'd also need 

  1. A graphic designer
  2. A web designer/developer
  3. Possibly a photographer, illustrator or art director
  4. A copywriter

I have a top-notch list of collaborators.


But isn't it a smarter move to hire somebody who directs a team of other experts instead?

Sure. If you want to pay for the overhead and have potential lapses of cohesion and continuity in your project. With me there's only one point contact, but there's also no game of telephone. Your feedback will not be misunderstood and misinterpreted to a designer by a coach who doesn't have design vocabulary. You speak with me directly, and I get what you mean. And then I make all of your materials work together in cohesive harmony. I design your logo while thinking about how I'm going to use it on your web site, how it will work in print materials, how it would look, say, printed on napkins should you have a special event, or embroidered on a tote bag should you sponsor a convention someday.

Also, do some research about your coaches and experts — there's certainly coaches much, much more academically trained in school and online on these subjects, and that might be the right fit for you.  I instead earned my experience actually working the 20 hour days on campaigns, research and design to deliver on short deadline for Fortune 5's, and my work has been proven to work, and work WELL.

And ask them about their client list! Because when you become one of mine you'll be in some pretty good company. :^)