There's a lot of designers out there. And a Google search will pull up thousands of brand coaches and experts, too. But, there's a few things that set me apart. The biggest? I know exactly how to make your small-ish deal look, feel and become a big one. Here's why:


I have years of real-world, intense on the job training

 I've been fortunate enough to work in media, and in advertising I got to know the inner workings, strategies and what works for some of the largest brands in the world.  And now, I can bring that service to YOU.


I believe in style

A person's mind is made up about your product and its value within seconds of seeing it. Often people think attention to aesthetics and usability doesn't matter for their brand or service, because they don't have any real competition.

Odds are though, you may have more competition than you think. And there may be a slew of untapped markets ready for your product that aren't paying attention to it right now — but they can, and they will


One contact, one wildly cohesive product

Unless your brand is already fairly established, there's a lot of room for inconsistency when passing your project from one expert to another. You could, in theory, instead hire a brand coach, but then you'd also need 


  1. A graphic designer
  2. A web designer/developer
  3. Possibly a photographer, illustrator or art director
  4. A copywriter

And, they'd all need to be on the exact same page, communicating with the same vocabulary, with no misunderstanding or room for error to get you exactly what you need by your deadline.


Oh, and will your web presence be mobile-responsive? Of course! But also beautiful and engaging.



And, I believe in research.

Actually, I <3 it. Take a look at what's inspiring me right now below!