MUAH studios

Web site, brand development

Site created for a makeup studio, I also designed the logo. Its owner is expanding and growing very quickly but we want to make time for her to blog, use Instagram while on the road, and create and integrate a Facebook page. Mobile responsive as well. 



Editor, producer and film maker Isabel Sadurni wanted a simple, but significant, approach to featuring her work in a powerful artistic way without breaking the rules of her craft. Restructuring her site's CSS and giving it a more bold, cinematic approach using stills from her movies fit the bill.

Live Happy en Español

Designer and editor

This website is the Spanish-language version of the parent site,

My role: Design of assets including hero sliders, ad modules and photography/art direction. Also maintain the site and upload Spanish-language content biweekly and create visuals for the Spanish Facebook page. Site built in Drupal.

Mobile responsive website.

Mobile responsive website.

Happy Acts


What’s a Happy Act? Something that makes someone else smile. It’s a small gesture, like buying a stranger a cup of coffee, letting someone merge on the highway, telling a coworker what a great job they’re doing — tiny acts that ripple into a much larger effect. Take the challenge and check out the Happy Acts generator and commit to a Happy Act today!

Live Happy Media Kit


My role: Design of assets, infographics and art directon. 



My role: Design of assets, infographics. Site designed and built in Wordpress.

Bands in town, corporate website


My role: Design of assets, infographics.